A new look for the Environment & Health Data Portal

We've made a few changes

If you're a regular to the Environment & Health Data Portal, then you may notice that we've made a few changes to our home page. We've kept most of the Portal's functions the same, but we've rearranged things, and want to tell you about them.


The previous Environment and Health Data Portal home page


The new Environment and Health Data Portal home page

Why'd we make these changes?

Well, for a few reasons:

To highlight our best tools and resources. We want our home page to make it clear what this site is all about, and draw attention to our top tools: our Data Explorer, Neighborhood Reports, and Data Stories. By bringing these to the top, we're showing what we want our visitors to do here.

To incorporate new content. Over the coming months, we’ll be producing more Data Stories on critical issues in environmental health in New York City. These Data Stories will take deep dives into our data, investigating important issues that affect health in New York City. Some of these will be essays, some of them will be interactive infographics. For now, take a look at “A Closer Look” on our homepage – or find them all at Data Stories.

To improve accessibility. Our new Home Page works a lot better on mobile, but it also works better for users who are visually impaired or navigate using their keyboard. Ensuring accessibility for all users – by meeting what are called Section 508 Standards – we’re working toward information equity: ensuring that all users can access the information that we’re producing.

To meet modern standards. On the internet, sometimes looks matter. We hope to stay abreast of modern design and technology standards so that we can do a good job of making information available to you. That means taking advantage of open source projects, user-centered design, analytics, and user feedback to make sure that we’re building a system that works: that’s intuitive and makes our information clear and easy-to-find.

We're a government agency committed to making information available via the web. We hope that the better we are at doing this, the more people can use this information to make change in their lives, their neighborhoods, and communities.

We have more changes coming down the pipeline. If you'd like to be a part and provide input on how our Data Portal functions, feel free to contact us.