What's the environment?

It's everything around us: our air and water, the climate, our city's buildings and streets, and the society that we live in. It shapes our lives and our health.

We collect data from many different sources, and we put them together in different ways to show how environments affect health. Explore how here.

Data Stories

Efforts to reduce air pollution should focus on neighborhoods with the worst health impacts.

Every year in NYC between 2015 and 2017 (the most recent years for which …

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Staying safe in cold weather

Cold weather can be dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe this …

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ZAPPA: A tool to understand air quality policies

How do we know what air quality policies …

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Explore your city - through data.

Get data. Learn what issues affect your health and your community. And take action to make change and build a better, healthier city.

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