Neighborhood Reports for Willowbrook

Willowbrook includes ZIP Codes:

City photograph for the active design, physical activity and health report

Active Design, Physical Activity and Health

The design and conditions of buildings, streets, public transportation and parks influence physical activity, use of active transportation and other healthy behavior. A neighborhood’s features can also impact the safety of its residents. See Report 

City photograph for the asthma and the environment report

Asthma and the Environment

Asthma is a common lung disease and a leading cause of hospitalizations for children under 15 years old. This report provides a summary of asthma indicators by neighborhood. It also describes housing and neighborhood characteristics that can make asthma worse. See Report 

City photograph for the climate and health report

Climate and Health

Extreme heat, coastal storms, flooding and episodes of elevated ozone are climate-related hazards that may increase with climate change and have important public health impacts in New York City. Extreme weather can cause power outages, which also threaten public health. This report provides neighborhood indicators of climate-related hazards, vulnerability and health impacts. See Report 

City photograph for the housing and health report

Housing and Health

This report provides a neighborhood summary of housing conditions and related health outcomes. It also describes population characteristics that can increase vulnerability to housing hazards. See Report 

City photograph for the outdoor air and health report

Outdoor Air and Health

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental threats to urban populations and while all people are exposed, pollutant emissions, levels of exposure, and population vulnerability vary across neighborhoods. Exposures to common air pollutants have been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and premature deaths. See Report