Healthy eating

About Healthy eating

Healthy eating is associated with better health, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. That means that having access to healthy, safe, and affordable food choices is crucial for a person to achieve healthy eating habits.

Food access is influenced by many environmental factors, including proximity to food retail outlets and neighborhood-level resources (like neighborhood poverty, and availability of public transportation).

Sugary drinks contribute to a higher-calorie diet, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, and long-term weight gain. More than half of New York City adults (58%) are overweight or obese; nearly 40% of New York City’s public school students (K-8) are obese or overweight; and the percentage of adults with diagnosed diabetes is increasing, with nearly 10% of New Yorkers now diagnosed with diabetes.

Sugary drinks provide little or no nutritional value, and because they don’t fill you up the way food does, you end up consuming more calories. Also, food and beverage portion sizes have exploded over the past several decades, and studies have shown that when given larger portions, people consume more without recognizing it.

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